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19th September 2015 - DevLog

Over the years I've been involved with various projects, either by myself or through work. During these projects I've often looked around for similar projects and borrowed information or procedures from others. During all of this I've often ended up piecing together information from multiple sources to get the result I wanted and the end results are often pretty good. This development log is my attempt to give back some of my own projects and to help people who might be trying to piece together the same information that I've used to get similar results.

Another aspect of keeping my projects documented in an easily readable fashion is keeping my findings archived. So that if I encounter the same problem again or a problem with similar obstacles I will be able to go back to my older writings to see how I've solved things in the past. This is something that has often bothered me in the past and I've sometimes felt like I've had to re-invent the wheel multiple times over.