Presentation on Functional programming

18th March 2017 - Presentations , Functional programming , Programming

Recently I held a presentation on functional programming at the University of Tromsø. The presentation was meant as an introduction to the concepts of the paradigm and some of the ideas behind it. It also contains a short section on how the data structures that facilitate the immutable state collections without copying everything. The entire presentation was done in one hour. As I habitually didn't write any notes for what I was going to say during the presentation I can't update anything except from the slides. If however there is sufficient interest in this I might do a write-up with similar content. Since the presentation was done in collaboration with Serit this presentation was followed by a 1-hour presentation on why you should use functional programming. I'll update this page if I get permission to post those slides as well. The slides are created with Inkscape and JessyInk, so in order to view the slideshow simply open the image in a new tab or window.


Since it is created with a couple of not typically installed fonts I've converted all text to paths. This bumps the size from ~400K to ~2Mb so if you want to grab the version with text for editing or space savings you can get it at this link. To view those slides properly you need to grab the fonts Arvo Bold and the Computer Modern set.

P.S.: For anyone who are interesting in learning Clojure, the language used in these slides, check out "Clojure for the Brave and True" which is a funny and very well written book on Clojure and functional programming.