Adding touch controls to the i3 Window Manager

30th September 2016

A while back I got myself a second hand Surface Pro 1. It's a great device, and with a little tweaking I got it running Linux just fine. At first I started out with what I was currently using as the operating system on my main machine. Keeping all my machines running the same Linux flavour makes setting them up and maintaining them easier, not to mention that I don't have to remember which programs…

Git-hooks and web development

17th June 2016

In a previous post I wrote about how this website was created and how the content was managed with CouchCMS. However there is more than just the textual content to this site. In the recent post about my Nim implementation of TinyWM the need for syntax highlighted code became apparent. Other features recently added was the home and RSS-feed buttons along with their features. What all these have in common is the need to modify the HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript of the site. CouchCMS touts itself…

TinyWM implementation in Nim

13th June 2016

Lately I've been toying with the idea of creating a window manager for Linux. It's not that there is a lack of them, rather quite the opposite, the Linux world is full of them. But suffice to say that I have some ideas which I think would be a welcome addition and I've started tinkering with creating my own. If for nothing else it would be an interesting challenge. However to create a window manager…

Creating a managed website with CouchCMS

20th May 2016

After having decided that I wanted to create this DevLog I had to decide how I wanted to create it. Initially I was set on creating my own content management system (or CMS for short) since I've never been too fond of the ones I've used in the past. I feel that most CMS' fall into one of two categories, either they are too restrictive in order to be as simple as possible, or they are…

Welcome to Peter's DevLog

19th September 2015

Over the years I've been involved with various projects, either by myself or through work. During these projects I've often looked around for similar projects and borrowed information or procedures from others. During all of this I've often ended up piecing together information from multiple sources to get the result I wanted and the end results are often pretty good. This development log is my attempt to give back some of my own projects and…